Target is Killing the Spring Shoe Game

If you have stepped into Target recently you will have realized that Target is killing the game in the women’s clothing, shoes and accessories department. Today I am highlighting for you all the best target shoes this spring- and a lot are more reasonable dupes of pricey blogger favorites!

1- Wenda Cut Out Booties– These booties are an almost exact dupe for these free people booties! Luckily for you all they are less than half the price from Target. Target Price- $32.99; Free People Price- $198

2- Edwina Boots– Target is definitely into dupes this season with these booties that are an exact dupe of these Vince Camuto Katrina Boots. Target Dupes– $34.99; Vince Camuto– $89.95 (on sale 40% off)

3- Mad Love Prudence– Like Birks but not the price tag? Don’t fear Target is again here with another dupe for the Birkenstock Mayari Sandal. Target-$22.99; Birkenstock-$99.95

4- Gertie Gladiator Sandal– If your like me you love Valentino sandals but cannot justify the price- that is where these great gladiator dupes come in. I have a pair from last year and love them! They are super comfortable and I highly recommend the nude colored ones. Target- $27.99; Valentino-$995

5- Jenela Loafer– This loafer is an exact dupe of the Sam Edelman and a very similar look to the Gucci Brixton loafer. Luckily the price tag is no where near the other too! Target-$22.99; Sam Edelman-$120; Gucci-$730

LipLab Love

Let me start out by saying that I am not a big makeup person. I routinely wear sunglasses in my blog posts because I do not wear makeup. Not to work, not for photos, not to run errands, literally the only time I do is when going out. So when I received some complimentary Bite Beauty products I was shocked how much I loved them. It was easy for me to look put together with just some under eye baggie coverup, mascara and some great Bite Beauty lipstick!

Fast forward about a month and both my mom and little sister love all the Bite Beauty products and are routinely stopping at Sephora to pick up more products. So when I heard about the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in SF I knew I had to take my mom there for her birthday present.

Located in Pacific Heights, the Lip Lab has a couple different options when it comes to customizing your lipstick. I did the more basic package call the “Custom Lip Service” getting one unique Lip Lab only color (there is over 200 to pick from), with my choice of scent and texture for $55. (You can also do two for $80.) I got for my mom the highest package called the “Bespoke Lip Service“. Her package came with a lip kit which includes a mini agave lip mask, mini line and define lip primer and a whipped cherry lip scrub along with two completely unique lipsticks.

It says online that this process takes about 15-30 minutes but my mom and I spent about 2 hours mixing her the perfect two colors and me just trying on different colors. Be ready to try on lots of colors and be open to colors you didn’t think you would necessarily like. Also keep in mind that you are not only trying on different colors but also different textures so be ready to make lots of decisions. You will assemble what is called your “Lip Story” or all the different colors you have tried on. From there (especially with the specially mixed colors) you will choose one to two to be made for you depending on the package you choose. The actual mixing and making process is relatively quick taking only about 10 minutes.

Overall I loved the process and I think it helped that we had Carly who knew all the colors/color combinations really well. I am planning on going back, potentially with all my bridesmaids to get custom colors for the wedding. My two big recommendations are to make a reservation and to make sure that you have lots of time to enjoy the process!

*** Also note this is in no way sponsored! I just love sharing cool opportunities with you all!

Valentino for Under Retail!

If you are like me you have been seeing this beautiful Valentino rockspike stud bag all over instagram and ever time I saw the bag my automatic reaction was I NEED that. But with the price tag soaring over $3,000 with tax I knew it wasn’t in my current price range. So in typical Sam fashion I was like why don’t I just look online to see if I can find one for way under retail. And as I was searching I came across a website called Italist.

Italist is a website that allows you to shop boutiques in Italy. That means that you are paying lower prices to begin with as prices for luxury goods are cheaper in Europe (even with the conversion rate)! Plus they guarantee that everything you purchase is 100% authentic. So after reading some reviews about the company I decided to give it a try as I ended up finding the bag I wanted for a cheaper price that was then 25% off that price brining the bag I wanted to around $1,450!

Pros- The bag I wanted for wayyyy under retail, a great selection of items, very fast shipping.

Cons- Since my bag was over $800 USD I had to pay important tax and regular tax (this was through brought to my attention before I ordered the bag) plus I had to pay shipping. So the price you initially see is not the price you pay so keep that in mind for ordering an item over $800 USD.

Plus if buying straight from Italy isnt your thing I included some great bags from Fashionhpile and The Real Real.


Valentino Rockstud Spike Small Bag

Color- Poudre


Price- $1,459.12

Valentino Rockstud Spike Clutch

Color- Shadow Pink

Retail- $1,545

Price- $1,129.64

Rockstud Crossbody Bag

Color- Black

Retail- $1,275

Price- $866.05

Vitello Rockstud Shoulder Flap Bag Black

Color- Black

Retail- $2,645

Price- $1,295

Rockstud Mini Flap

It’s new with tags

Retail- $1,045

Price- $895 (use code REAL for 20% off)


The Softest Pullover Ever!

If you are anything like me you spend all winter freezing. I can be routinely seen wearing two jackets in the house so when I saw everyone wearing fuzzy sherpa pullovers I knew I had to have one. The one sticking point for me was the price. So utilizing my bargain hunting skills I have found for you all the same looking jacket at a lower price point! (Plus I included a link to the full priced ones as well!) Also if you happen to be a Sam’s Club member they have a great version of the jacket for under $20! Unfortunately it is in stores only and not online so I couldn’t link it for you all.

HTC Boxercraft Sherpa Pullover

Comes in 4 colors- Grey, Frosty Hunter, Vintage Navy and Snowy Granet (shown below in Frosty Hunter)


Generally is an oversized look but I would say runs TTS

AOJIAN Women’s Winter Warm Casual Sherpa Vest

Colors- Gray and Pink


Thread and Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover


Colors- Ivory and Red/Black

Thread and Supply Wubby Vest


Color- Ivory and Charcoal



After Christmas Sale- Shoes and Accessories

Click on the item to get to the deal!

Free People Sale!

Free People now has a bunch of great winter staples on sale! Be sure to stock up for yourself or for christmas presents!

My New Love- Velvet Handbags


It is not secret that I have always loved velvet. My fiance doesn’t get it. And that love has clearly extended to velvet handbags if you have seen my recent Instagram post. I have been eyeing the velvet Gucci Marmont Medium bag for awhile but cannot pull the trigger on a bag that is almost $2,000 (actually $1,980 plus tax makes its solidly over $2,000) and is not real leather. So I started searching for a bag that would fill the void but not break the bank. Below are my personal favs at a variety of price points.

Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Chevron Small Love Crossbody

$131 (originally $195.00)

Kate Spade New York Watson Lane Velvet Marci Small Shoulder Bag


Stella McCartney Mini Falabella Box Velvet Shoulder Bag

$649.90 (Originally $970)

Sole Society Velvet Foldover Clutch


Velvet Crossbody Bucket Bag

$14.00 (originally $19.50)

Brand Spotlight- Mansur Gavriel

As Christmas fast approached I decided I would post one brand spotlight a week to help people with Christmas presents annnd to help people make their own Christmas lists.

This weeks brand spotlight is on MansurGavriel. If you are a handbag addict like myself they probably came across your radar when they released their now infamous bucket bag in Cammello/Ballerine and Black/Flamma. These original Mansur bags sold out so quickly it wasn’t even funny and sparked tons of knock-offs from brands like Forever 21. But if you haven’t checked on MG since the release of these bags you are missing out.

Why you should buy a MG bag:

1- MG has really branched out in the last couple of years in terms of style, colors, sizes, and materials. Most styles now come in an array of sizes, colors and materials. Take for example the classic bucket bag. The bag now comes in four sizes- regular, mini, mini mini and baby. It comes in patent leather, suede, tumbled leather, calf skin leather and the classic vegetable leather.

2- The price point is reasonable for the quality of bag. The vegetable leather is the cheapest option and personally my favorite as it stays the more structured. My second favorite is the calf leather but recently I have been eyeing a tumbled leather sun bag.

3- The quality of the bag is amazing! For the price point the bags are really well made and in my opinion they wear really well. I love how the vegetable leather tans and ages especially the cammello! My only warning is to be careful around water and oils. Water can be somewhat buffed out of the bag with a good cleaner and conditioner but I have had no luck getting out oils.

These are my personal favorites right now!

Mini Brandy Vegetable Leather Bucket Bag


Large Black Vegetable Leather Tote


(I own this bag in two colors and I love it! Perfect for work!)

Mini Peony Tumbled Leather Sun Bag


How to Shop a Sale

Black Friday is coming up and with one of the best shopping holidays approaching we all need to be prepared. So below I listed some of my best shopping tips for shopping a sale and not getting carried away by a great buy.

1- Make a Budget

This is probably the hardest one for me but it’s important that you go in with a budget of what you want to spend. Black Friday can be overwhelming and having a rough estimate of how much you want to spend can help you realize you don’t need that shirt in a Fourth color no matter the price. I always try to budget by item. Like for example if I want a nice good quality coat I would give myself a budget of around $150. I would then do the same for other items for myself or for others. I normally hand write out my budgets (which drives my fiancé crazy) but you could easily do it on your phone or computer as well. I then write down exactly how much I spent!

2-Check your prices

I have learned this the hard way- Black Friday is not always the cheapest price for goods and the same goods on different websites can also vary greatly in price so make sure you do some prior research. I have seen companies mark up items and then put them on sale during Black Friday making the item literally $5 cheaper than its initial retail value so be careful. One quick way to do this is Google the item. Thanks to Google shopping it will often pull up various websites that have the good with the price.

3- Use Ebates

Make sure to make money while you shop! If you are online shopping or even in store it doesn’t hurt to see what cash back you are going to be getting. Even if you return the item you still get to keep the cash back!

4- Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale

This is one I always have to remind myself. Sometimes we see the item we want on sale… but not necessarily the color we wanted. Sometimes it’s better to save up for the classic color you wanted then buy the one sale color because a lot of the time you end up not loving the one you bought. Or even worse you end up with both and hen don’t use one. Also if even it is reasonably priced but don’t use it then what was the point of buying it?

5- Remember there will always be another sale

You don’t have to feel like your missing out if you are trying to save money or you don’t see the perfect item. There will always be another sale! Especially after the holiday season!

Macy’s Free People Black Friday Sale

Macy’s has become my go to for Free People items. They always seem to have the best sales and this Black Friday is not exception. Check out my quick picks below!

1- Lofty Boucle V-Neck Sweater

$63.99 (normally $128)

Comes in 7 colors!

I find that most free people stuff runs really big so I bought and xs in this in wine and white.

2- Too Deep Turtleneck

$63.99 (originally $128)

Comes in 4 colors!

I also got an xs in this in the ivory and the terra-cotta!

3- Park City Turtleneck Sweater

$64.99 (originally $108)

This sweater has been sold out everywhere but Macy’s fully restocked it in all colors and sizes. I already own the cream but just snagged the terra-cotta! I always wear an xs in this.

4- Changing Horizons Oversized Top

$43.99 (originally $88)

Comes in 5 colors!

Again I own this but in an xs! While it’s supposed to be oversized I can only do a little bit oversized as I wear it tucked in to work.