Men’s Gift Guide

It can be so hard to shop for that man in your life. Weather it be a husband, fiancé, boyfriend, friend, uncle, or brother (I am sure I missed a few in their like nephews, cousins, etc. ) finding what a guy wants for Christmas is hard. I know I routinely ask my fiancé and he will be like oh maybe some socks (which admittedly he always need). So I did some brain storming and came up with some reasonable priced ideas! More information about my men’s gift guide below!

1- Uggs

When I initially said this to my fiancé he was a little wear as he looked at the Uggs I was wearing with bows on the back. I then explained to him I meant Uggs as slippers. Once I showed them to him, he willingly admitted that they look fuzzy and comfy. And I did buy these exact ones for my uncle last year and he loves them.

2- Vest

This particular vest is from Old Navy and not only is it stylish and warm it’s also reasonably priced. Vests are practical, especially with men who always seem to feel hot! (I don’t get it I seriously spend majority of my day freezing). A big plus is this vest comes in two other colors if the man in your life is a little less color adverse than mine.

3- Scarf

It always surprises me how many men just ignore warm basics like scarves and gloves in colder climates. They are a great way to keep warm that they just seem to forget. I bought my fiancé a scarf for the nippy SF weather and he now wears it all the time.

4- Beanie

Another cold weather accessory that men often don’t realize they need until they have it. Beanies also are a great present because there are no sizes to fret over!

5- Backpacks

If the man in your life is anything like my fiancé he wants nothing to do with anything that could be considered a “murse” so he totes around his laptop and all his other work stuff in a backpack. Backpacks can be used for a whole bunch of things- work stuff, school stuff, outdoorsy stuff, etc. Plus stick with a neutral color so it matches everything.

6- Patagonia Better Sweaters

Let me start off by saying if Patagonia makes it and it looks warm and cozy I have probably owned it once in my life. But one of my favorite products from them is hands down my better sweaters. So when I noticed my fiancé eyeing it and saying how cold San Francisco is I picked him up the full zip version. It looks like sweater material on the outside but is lined with the comfiest fleece around!

7- Watches

Watched are a timeless classic gift. They work great for a holiday gift and will be used for years to come. I personally liked the leather strapped watches but a great metal link on will show less wear.

8- Beats

I have had Beats headphones for a long time and I love them. This years newest model is cordless (yes no more issues when trying to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time!) and comes in a bunch of different colors. If the new model is a little too pricey for you check out some of the other older models I linked below.

Beats urBeats in-ear headphones– $34.95

BeatsX Wireless in-ear headphones– $109.00

Beats MIXR on-ear headphones– $128.88