Wedding Season is Here!

As soon as you get into your twenties- especially your mid-twenties- every summer becomes wedding season. Whether its a cousin, an old friend or a new at least one wedding will happen, as it has for me for the last four years. And every single time I am left with the question of what to wear. So below are some of my pointers and then a ton of cute different dresses if you don’t want the hassle of finding your own.


1- Make sure to follow the dress on the invitation– If the bride and the groom specifically state that the wedding is black tie optional then I strongly encourage you to follow what they say. Its never fun to be the person who sticks out like a sore thumb because they did not bother to read the invitation. If the invitation is silent about the dress code then I always recommend wearing what you would want people to wear to your wedding.

2- Jumpsuits are okay– The jumpsuit has really evolved and with a cute pair of heels can definitely be worn to a wedding. So if dresses are not your thing then a jumpsuit is a great dressy option.

3- Wearing (some) black to a wedding is now allowed– My friends and I recently had this discussion and came to the conclusion that some black in your attire for a wedding is okay. For example if you have a dress (like I did above) that has a black background and a pattern on top then that is fine. Also if it is a black tie wedding more and more guests are keeping it simple and chic with a beautiful black dress.

4- NEVER EVER WEAR WHITE– I do not care if the bride dresses her bridesmaids in white (which I have actually seen at two weddings now) DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, take that as an invitation for you to wear white as well. I would also generally state that this applies to off white colors as well. Its the brides day and even if she is a calm person in the stress of the moment she might be very very unhappy with you.

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