Valentino for Under Retail!

If you are like me you have been seeing this beautiful Valentino rockspike stud bag all over instagram and ever time I saw the bag my automatic reaction was I NEED that. But with the price tag soaring over $3,000 with tax I knew it wasn’t in my current price range. So in typical Sam fashion I was like why don’t I just look online to see if I can find one for way under retail. And as I was searching I came across a website called Italist.

Italist is a website that allows you to shop boutiques in Italy. That means that you are paying lower prices to begin with as prices for luxury goods are cheaper in Europe (even with the conversion rate)! Plus they guarantee that everything you purchase is 100% authentic. So after reading some reviews about the company I decided to give it a try as I ended up finding the bag I wanted for a cheaper price that was then 25% off that price brining the bag I wanted to around $1,450!

Pros- The bag I wanted for wayyyy under retail, a great selection of items, very fast shipping.

Cons- Since my bag was over $800 USD I had to pay important tax and regular tax (this was through brought to my attention before I ordered the bag) plus I had to pay shipping. So the price you initially see is not the price you pay so keep that in mind for ordering an item over $800 USD.

Plus if buying straight from Italy isnt your thing I included some great bags from Fashionhpile and The Real Real.


Valentino Rockstud Spike Small Bag

Color- Poudre


Price- $1,459.12

Valentino Rockstud Spike Clutch

Color- Shadow Pink

Retail- $1,545

Price- $1,129.64

Rockstud Crossbody Bag

Color- Black

Retail- $1,275

Price- $866.05

Vitello Rockstud Shoulder Flap Bag Black

Color- Black

Retail- $2,645

Price- $1,295

Rockstud Mini Flap

It’s new with tags

Retail- $1,045

Price- $895 (use code REAL for 20% off)


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