The BEST Chloe Susanna Dupe Out There!

So I have loved the Chloe Susanna Boot since it came out but I cannot justify the price tag. I know I know I spend more than the $1,380 price tag of the boots on handbags but if taken care of handbags last a life time… shoes no matter what just don’t. Needless to say I have spent a lot of time watching the resale market and still being in shock at their $800-$900 price. Then all of a sudden yesterday I was browsing Missguided and found the perfect dupes! The dupes are all under $100 dollars and are even 40% off if your a student! Plus free shipping and no tax!

(Click on name of the shoe for the link to work- blog is hating on me and won’t link pictures!)

Black Faux Suede Buckle Ankle Boots


Burgundy Buckle Ankle Boots


Red Buckle Ankle Boot


I cannot wait to style them for you guys and had to share the links before they sell out!

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