The BEST Chloe Susanna Dupe Out There!

So I have loved the Chloe Susanna Boot since it came out but I cannot justify the price tag. I know I know I spend more than the $1,380 price tag of the boots on handbags but if taken care of handbags last a life time… shoes no matter what just don’t. Needless to say I have spent a lot of time watching the resale market and still being in shock at their $800-$900 price. Then all of a sudden yesterday I was browsing Missguided and found the perfect dupes! The dupes are all under $100 dollars and are even 40% off if your a student! Plus free shipping and no tax!

(Click on name of the shoe for the link to work- blog is hating on me and won’t link pictures!)

Black Faux Suede Buckle Ankle Boots


Burgundy Buckle Ankle Boots


Red Buckle Ankle Boot


I cannot wait to style them for you guys and had to share the links before they sell out!

Bag Hunt- Why You Should Purchase In Europe

I am a legendary handbag hunter. I find a bag I want and I go on the hunt to find it. Plus to make my life a little more challenging I have to find it under retail even if the search takes a year. So when my family decided to go to Europe I could not contain my glee! Immediately I started listing out all the bags and slgs (small leather goods) that I wanted to purchase from the various fashion houses. My family immediately questioned why I couldn’t just buy these goods in the US, so naturally I had to explain.

  1. High End Designer Goods in Europe Retail for Under Retail in the US– This is true of all designers that are based in Europe. So for example Louis Vuitton bags retail price is lower in France then in the US. Plus the country where the fashion house is based is generally the cheapest place to buy the goods in Europe. But word to the wise do not buy US based fashion brands in Europe. I was looking at Coach in Europe just to look and the prices were crazy!
  2. The Euro and The Dollar are Very Close in Value– When I was in Europe the Euro to Dollar was about 1 Euro to 1.10 Dollar, so the lower retail prices in Euro equated to a lower purchase price in Dollars. Of course this value fluctuates but in general the Dollar and the Euro have been much closer in value than a couple years ago.
  3. The VAT taxes– The tax amount for luxury goods in Europe is included in the price that you see on the price tag. So unlike the US you are not paying more on the good you purchase. Plus if you are not an EU citizen then you get back a percent of the VAT tax you pay. This percentage ranges based on the country. This website is incredibly helpful when looking at what percentage you will get back. (just in case the hyperlink doesn’t work-


  • Bring your passport with you! To get your VAT tax exemption forms correctly filed out at the store you will need to show your passport to your sales person.
  • Spend over the VAT amount! In order to get your VAT taxes back you need to make sure to spend over the minimum threshold. This does not have to be on one good just need to be on your total purchase. This amount varies by country.
  • Get the VAT tax amount back on your credit card! You do have to wait a little longer to get the VAT tax amount back on your credit card but the amount you get back after fees is higher then when you go to the cash window at the airport.
  • Get your refund at the last European country you are in! You cannot obtain your refund until you leave the EU.
  • Allocate time at the airport! The VAT process to obtain your refund can be really hard or very easy. It all depends on the country, the refund company and the amount of people traveling. For example if you are using Global Blue its often just a scan of the documents in a machine and dropping them in a box. But there are other times where I have had to talk to an agent, show them my goods and have them hand stamp it. This all depends on where you buy your item from. In my experience I have had the easiest time with LV and the hardest with Gucci.
  • Get your refund before you check your bags! As I explain below you might have to take your new purchase to the refund agent.
  • Make sure your goods are packed on top of your luggage! When you pack make sure your new purchases are easily accessible! I have had to dig through luggage because the refund agent wanted to make sure that I had not used the bag and actually had the bag in my possession.
  • Do not use your goods before you leave the country! If the refund agent asks to see your purchase they will expect to see a purchase that has not been used and is in its original packaging. While it is tempting to use your new purchase don’t because they can deny you the refund!

Leopard Print as a Neutral

So I have always had a thing for my leopard print ballet flats. I faithfully replace them every couple of years when I wear them out but I never thought of them as a neutral before. But as I have been dutifully shopping in the name of the blog (or at least thats what I tell myself) I have seen cheetah and my new love, leopard, everywhere. I have seen cute baseball caps, cute sweaters, cute clutches, and my personal favorite cute sneakers. Below I rounded up my personal favorites and reviewed two of the products I tried.

Halogen Corbin Genuine Calf Hair Slide Loafer

Nordstrom– $89.95

Topshop Tucker Leopard Print Slip On Sneaker

Nordstrom– $40.00

BP Leopard Print Genuine Calf Hair Clutch

Norstrom– $45

Halogen Leopard Cardigan

Nordstrom– $46

Target Leopard Booties

Target– $34.99

Fall Finds- Denim Edition

While I am sad to see summer go there is literally nothing I like better than fall. Why I regrettably do not like anything pumpkin flavored, I love halloween, I eat candy corn like its a vegetable and I love booties. So in honor of fall I have rounded up some of my favorite deals on boots/booties, jeans and sweaters. First I am going to start out with a great denim round.


Levi 721 Jeans 

Price- $98- on sale for $49.98

These are the sister jeans to the #bloggerfavorite 721 ripped knee jean of last fall and winter. They are an amazing fit and are great for someone who wants a high waisted jeans but is not sure they can pull off the mom jean. I find that if they have more than 2% stretch in them I wear a 25. If they are between 98-100% cotton I wear a 26. Also a big plus is they have many different lengths at at 5’10” I can wear either the 30-32 inch inseam.

Grlfrnd Helena Jean

Price- $210, on sale for $147

These are a great 100% cotton jean that I personally like better than revolve. The straight fit allows for a cool chic vibe with sneakers, booties or heels. They are supposed to fit snug at first so if you are in between sizes like me (I normally wear a 25-26 just depends on the brand) go with the smaller size. They stretch to fit you perfectly and are definitely worth the money to get that vintage jean vibe!

Mother High Waisted Looker Ankle Fray

Price- $235, on sale for $164.50

There is nothing better than a pair of Mother denim, especially when they literally are more comfortable than leggings and hold their shape. I prefer their high waisted models which are more like a mid-rise to me. These jeans are so soft and are worth the price! I normally wear a 25 in Mother denim.

Articles of Society- Sarah Ankle Skinny Jean

Price- $59 (there is a very similar pair on sale for $38.40 but there is a very limited size run)

These jeans are another great staple and even full priced are very reasonable. They come in a variety of colors and styles, plus they are super stretchy. I wear a 24 in this brand as they have a tendency to majorly stretch out. Also keep your eyes peeled at the rack as they often get tons of this brands jeans and shorts.