Fall is here and so is Chloe!

So its no secret that I have a “slight” handbag addiction. And recently I have been loving Chloe. Their bags are the perfect fall transition bag. And I happened to just snatch up a small chloe drew for $635. Yes you read that right for $1,215 off retail! I saw this baby on Fashionphile and had to have it!


I knew I wanted the small sized Chloe Drew bag after admiring it at my local Nordstrom. Like all good handbag designers (I am looking at you Celine) they try confuse you with the sizing. The Drew ranges from the nano to the medium with two sizes in between- the mini and the small. The small is the second biggest size of the Drew and arguably the most popular size.  The small is quiet large and roomy but is not too big and or too small for my 5’10” frame. Plus it comfortable fits my two iPhones and my wallet making it the perfect cross body.


In honor of my latest great handbag find I have rounded up some other great Chloe bags (all below retail) for you all to peruse and maybe purchase!

Retail Price- $1,850

Fashionphile Price-$1,195

Retail- $890

Fashionphile Price- $715

Retail- $1,950

Fashionphile Price- $1,150



Fashionphile Price- $955

Retail- $795

Fashionphile price- $555