Summer Wedges and Why I Went With the Expensive Ones

So I am sure you have by now seen the infamous Marc Fisher Adalyn wedges all over Instagram. And its also likely you have seen the Steve Madden Jaylen dupes as well. But what about the differences besides the price? Which shoe is actually the best for you? Well here is my opinion on the matter and why I, the ultimate bargain hunter, decided to keep the $160 Marc Fisher wedges. (I also included two other types of wedges.)

First and foremost of importance to me is quality. I love bargains but if something is not good quality and I am going to have to replace it soon I take it into consideration. I ordered three pairs (yes three pairs) to try to get a version of the Steve Madden wedge that did not have a flaw in it and every single one did. There were issues in the woven wedge part (numerous in every single pair) and weird discoloration in the suede on two of them. After reading reviews on DSW it seems that some other people have had these problems but not everyone. Granted I also ordered two pairs of the marc fisher and while they were slightly different colors of suede per pair the wedge was not flawed and the suede matched the right and the left shoe perfectly in each pair.



Secondly, the faux leather strap on the Steve Madden wedges was not nearly as comfortable as the real leather strap on the Marc Fisher wedges. To me this was important because I plan on wearing this to a high school graduation, a wedding and to easter so they need to be comfortable enough for all these events. Plus the real suede is more comfortable than the faux suede on the Steve Madden wedges.

Third, I did a little bit of fashion digging and these Marc Fisher wedges have been in for about three summers making them more of an investment piece for me. Even if they are not as popular as they once were in the upcoming years I know that I will still be wearing them come spring/ summer because they are such a classic.

And lastly, I would not be the bargain hunting blonde if I didn’t find a way to get the Marc Fisher wedges at a discount. I received an email from Zappos that I would be getting $25 off if I signed up for their rewards program. So I did that and promptly used the $25 off towards the price of the $160 wedges bringing them down to $135.

BRAND and STYLEMarc Fisher Adalyn Steve Madden Jaylen Indigo Rd. AiryMerona- Mala
SIZINGTrue to SizeRuns slightly big (I normally need a 10 and the 9.5 was actually the right size for me) True to Size Runs small (I normally wear a 10 and had to size up to a 11)
PROS-real leather stap is way more comfortable
- way better quality than any of the others so heres to hoping they last longer
- suede is great quality
- looks the most like the chloe original
-more height than the other dupes (which for me is actually a bit of a con but I am a giant)
- very similar to the marc fisher ones
- vibrant cognac color
- wedge part was not falling apart/ well constructed
- pretty toffee color
- most affordable
- cute white stitch detailing
CONS- way more expensive than any of the dupes
- already sold out in a lot of places in common sizes
- quality- I ended up going through three different pairs and all of them had flaws in the wedge pair
-strap is uncomfortable
- weird slit in top of shoe that I assume is to allow your foot to move more but just looks like the elastic will stretch out over time
- well constructed but the materials seem to be of poorer quality then the steve madden - very uncomfortable (just walking around in them for 5 minutes had the top part of the shoe rubbing a blister on my toe)
OVERALL WINNER. These are my favorite of all 4. The leather strap made them way more comfortable and I found them to be the best craftsmanship. Not sure if I just got three very bad quality pairs of this shoe but for the $60 price tag I was hoping for better quality. The toffee is a unique color but in this price range I do think the Steve Madden is a better option While it is the cheapest option I still think the Steve Madden is the best if your looking for a cheaper option

Summers Coming- One Piece Round Up!

Some days its feels like we are solidly in spring and other days it feels like winter is never leaving but either way swimsuit season is approaching. While most people dread swimsuit season I have an unhealthy bikini/ swimsuit addiction (right behind my unhealthy purse addiction) so I have rounded up some of my favorite one-piece swimsuits to share with you all.

There are a variety of price points, a variety of cuts; and a variety of colors. My personal favorite is the Poppy one piece by Frankie’s Bikinis. And there are a lot of reasons why so here we go:

1- The swimsuit material is so soft. Like amazingly soft. By far the softest and therefore the comfiest one-piece I own.

2- The tie in the back makes it adjustable for all chest sizes.

3- The crochet is very well done unlike the dupes of it.

4- The Poppy now comes in two different bottom cuts- the one shown below and the classic cut which is more full coverage.

5- All the colors, and patterns make it so not everyone has the same suit.

6- Its so comfy I like to wear it as a bodysuit. Making it great for festivals or vacations.

7- I have worn mine numerous times and it keeps its shape and color!

Frankie’s Bikinis Poppy One Piece- $225 (comes in black, blue dahlia, cloud, Hawaiian mist, maroon, red) ( it also comes in a more full coverage (called classic) cut)


Target- $39.99 (comes in black, maroon and indigo)              Blue Life Eclipse- $145 (currently only in sage)


Sweets One Piece- $45 SALE (blush)           Morning One Piece – $45 SALE (Mellow Yellow Stripes)


PINK Plunge One Piece- $49.95 (comes in neutral palm, black, soft begonia, matisse blue)

PINK Lace-Up Front One Piece – $49.95 (comes in neon coral, black, violet palm, rainbow stripe)

ShopBop Spring Big Sale- 2017

Its that time of year again when ShopBop has their Big Sale. The discounts apply to both regular priced AND sale item. That means your getting a discount on already discounted items! Plus to make things even better the discount applies to staple items that never go on sale. So why not get that item you have been eyeing when its on sale now? I snagged the Jeffery Campbell Cor bootie in taupe that is the perfect transitional piece from winter to spring. I can even see myself wearing it into summer!

I rounded up some of my favorite regular priced items I consider staples. Plus remember to use the discount code “GOBIG2017” so you get your discount. Sale ends March 4th!

Regular Priced Items